Here at Back Alley Bikes, we welcome these donations:

  • Used bikes in any condition (we can scrap damaged frames and use the money for programs)
  • Bicycle parts in any condition
  • Bicycle-specific tools (please no S.A.E.
  • Bicycle inner tube compatible air compressor
  • Bicycle accessories (racks, apparel, etc)
  • New locks for youth who have earned bikes
  • New helmets for youth (gender neutral, ideally)
  • Cash donations (tax-deductible!)
  • Your time as a volunteer – even if you’ve never fixed a bike, we can find you a way to help!

We do not accept:

  • Used helmets (we cannot verify or guarantee their safety)
  • Non-bike related sports equipment (you’d be surprised how many hockey pucks we get…)
  • Used household tools (wrenches, screw drivers, etc).
  • Brand new bikes – please do not feed the machine of terrible mass market bicycle production on our behalf. We teach all our students that it is better to fix something that’s broken and reuse what you can rather than buying new and throwing out the old!

We also have a *Wish List* of non-bicycle related items which would make us happier and the shop more comfortable for everyone:

  • New windows
  • Cotter Pin Press
  • Space heaters
  • A sturdy back door with a door closer
  • A 10′-14′ box truck in decent shape (why not ask?)
  • A ground floor warehouse/workshop space (again, why not?)