We don’t just give away bikes to kids – for our youngest participants, we “give a way” for them to feel the freedom and joy of biking, even if their parents cannot buy them a bike. Our volunteers and youth participants build up donated used bikes for youth between the ages of two and nine.

We typically give these away to schools, churches, and community groups/centers. Therefore, we rarely donate bikes larger than 24″ to organizations.

When requesting a donation of kids’ bikes, please provide a general idea of the heights, ages, and genders of the youth.

Here is a guide about childrens ages and average height as related to bike tire size.
Here is a guide about children’s ages and average height as it relates to tire size.

Don’t forget about safety training and helmets! For smaller donation groups, we can often provide helmets with the bikes. For give-a-ways larger than 10 bikes, here are some resources we have used in the past to get free or low cost helmets: Good Sports, DMC Child Safety and Injury Prevention Program.

We strongly recommend providing safe riding training/information to parents and youth with every bike you give a way. You can order copies of “What Every Young  Michigan Cyclist Must Know” and other resources from the League of Michigan Bicyclists.

To request a donation of youth bikes for your organization, please contact someone at the Back Alley Bikes. You can call (313-879-5630) or email us to discuss you or your organization’s needs for kids’ bikes.